Permit/Registration is always required during Fire Season (April 15 – Oct 31).

Applying for Burning Permits is an easy application done by phone, and is free of charge; you must register your burn a minimum of 24 hours prior to igniting. To register your burn contact the Extension Fire Department at 250-754-3235 and listen to the instructions to register your burn.

PLEASE NOTE: All category 3 fires must have permits year-round and must also have a burning reference number issued by the Ministry Of Forests.

Category 1 – Fire piles no bigger than 1M(3FT) in height x 1M(3FT) in width

Category 2 – Fire piles no bigger than 2M(6FT) in height x 3M(10FT) in width

Campfires and Burning Barrels with Screen – DOES NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION

Any person starting or maintaining a fire must follow the open burning smoke control regulation and follow the BC Ventilation index, venting must be GOOD on the day of the burn. Do not begin burning when the index reads FAIR or POOR.

Information on types of acceptable materials, fire category sizes, and more. See our Backyard Burning Information Page

Burning of the following is prohibited:

  • demolition waste
  • construction materials
  • tar paper
  • asphalt products
  • drywall
  • domestic waste
  • treated lumber
  • tires
  • rubber
  • paint
  • fuel and lubricant containers
  • plastics
  • railway ties

Please note that the Fire Chief or other Officer may withhold or cancel any registered burn where, in their opinion, the igniting of a fire may create a hazard or nuisance to persons or property, and the Fire Chief or an Officer may extinguish or order the extinguishment of any fire that is causing a nuisance to persons, or any fire started with or without permission to do so.