For over 30 years, Extension Fire Department has provided professional and efficient fire suppression, emergency preparedness, emergency rescue services, fire prevention, and public education to the community.

In March 1985, culminating years of hard work and dedication by an amazing group of volunteers on making a volunteer fire department a reality in their community were finally rewarded. Extension and District Volunteer Fire Department Society was established to operate as Extension Volunteer Fire Department, which under a new contract with the Regional District of Nanaimo to provide fire protection services was established.

Extension – Local Fire Map

Today, Extension Volunteer Fire Department is made up of dedicated men and women from all walks of life. We responded to ~40-60 calls a year that consists of:

  • Structure Fires
  • River Rescue
  • Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Ambulance Assist
  • Chimney Fires
  • Grass, Bush, and Forest Fires
  • Vehicle Heavy Equipment and Industrial Fires
  • Mutual Aid Assistance
  • Flammable and Combustible Fuel Leaks
  • Low-embankment Rescue
  • Dangerous Goods Spills

Our command structure works with: Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Traning Officer, 3 Captains, 2 Lieutenants, and Firefighters.

Emergency dispatching is through Surrey Dispatch Centre.  Fire department members carry radio pagers & smartphone apps that will alert them to the location and type of emergency. 

Regular members attend regular weekly practices on Tuesdays at 1900. There are also additional special practices, at various days and times, for larger practical training.

Recruits have about a six-month to one year training period, to become proficient in the skills they will need as firefighters. Training standards are set under IFSTA and NFPA guidelines.

Extension Fire Department places a high emphasis on training members. A large percentage of the annual budget is allocated exclusively to training. Only well-trained individuals can carry out their duties without undue risk to themselves or others.

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Current Officer Roster

Fire Chief:  Kevin Young

Deputy Chief:  Brandon Britt

Captains:  Mark Smith, Fernie Ollinger, Tom Reid

Capt/Training Officer:  Tom Reid

Lieutenants:  Paul Knudsen, Brain Kelly, & Roberto Rossetto

Extension Fire Department Logo

Extension Fire Department Society

Chairperson:  Ryan Shaw

Secretary: Nolan Paquette

Members-at-Large: Jerry Amyotte, Mike Balatti, Steve Schmidt, Kevin Deinstadt, Ashley Hughes, Clinton O’Hara, Wade Stannard, William Vass, Monti Wilson