Community Firewood Fundraiser

In partnership with Island Timberlands, Extension Fire Department is proud to present this Community Firewood Cutting opportunity. This community fundraiser was made possible through Island Timberlands on their private forest land. Funds from this Fundraiser will go towards specialized equipment and training to support our members and allow continued service to our community as well as our annual Children’s Halloween Fireworks display!

In order to purchase a permit, you must demonstrate you have the MANDATORY correct safety gear with you as you travel in. This includes stable, closed-toe footwear, eye protection and chainsaw pants/chaps. Hearing protection is recommended. You will also be checked while cutting to ensure you are wearing your safety gear. Failure to have proper personal protective equipment (PPE) will result in you being turned away.

NO COMMERCIAL cutting allowed. Any truck suspected of selling firewood will be refused further permits and reported to SafetyNet Security. A guideline of a maximum of six cords per individual per day is to be considered. All Firewood cutters most retain a copy of the permit.

Island Timberlands Public Price List:

Light Duty (Eg. Ford Ranger, Chevy S10) $30
Medium Duty (Eg. F-150, Chevy 1500) $40
Heavy Duty w/ Long Box (Eg. F-350, Dodge 3500) $50
Firewood Rails (additional cost) +$15
Trailer (single axle) +$30
Trailer (double axle) +$60

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